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Whitaker, Sean
PMP Training Kit

516 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-5780
ersch. 07/2013 bei Microsoft Press

Ace your preparation for the skills measured by the updated PMP Exam, aligned with the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Fifth Edition. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and reviews that fully cover each exam task. Then, reinforce what you´ve learned by applying your knowledge to... Mehr lesen
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Beatty, Joy / Chen, Anthony
Visual Models for Software Requirements
Best Practices

442 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-6772
ersch. 09/2012 bei Microsoft Press

Apply best practices for capturing, analyzing, and implementing software requirements through visual models - and deliver better results for your business. The authors - experts in eliciting and visualizing requirements - walk you through a simple but comprehensive language of visual models that has been used on hundreds of real-world,... Mehr lesen
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Reifer, Donald J.
Software Change Management - Best Practices
Case Studies and Practical Advice

172 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-6475
ersch. 02/2012 bei Microsoft Press

Why is it so difficult to change organizations? For more than 30 years, Donald Reifer has successfully guided software teams through the technical, organizational, and people issues that must be managed in order to produce meaningful changes - and better products. This practical guide draws from Reifer´s extensive experience -... Mehr lesen
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Banks, Richard
The Future of Looking Back
Microsoft Research Cambridge

158 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-5806
ersch. 11/2011 bei Microsoft Press

What will we leave behind in this new digital age? As digital technology takes an ever-increasing role in our lives, one question is how we´ll manage our collections after we´re gone. What takes the place of shoeboxes full of pictures and dog-eared record albums? Get an inside look at Microsoft researcher Richard Banks´s thinking about... Mehr lesen
€ 8,-
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Warren, Norm / Misner, Stacia / Campbell, John
Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2010
For SharePoint 2010 administrators and business analysts

384 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-4340
ersch. 07/2011 bei Microsoft Press

Dive into the business intelligence (BI) features in SharePoint 2010 - and use the right combination of tools to deliver compelling solutions. This practical guide helps you explore several BI application services available in SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 R2. You´ll learn each technology with step-by-step... Mehr lesen
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Biafore, Bonnie
Successful Project Management - Business Skills Series
Applying Best Practices and Real-World Techniques with MS Project

433 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-4980
ersch. 05/2011 bei Microsoft Press

Learn best practices and proven methods from project management professionals - and apply these skills as you work with Microsoft® Project. In this practical guide, project management expert Bonnie Biafore shows you how to manage projects efficiently and effectively, sharing the real-world experiences of project managers in several... Mehr lesen
€ 12,-
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Krebs, Jochen
Agile Portfolio Management
Best Practices

213 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-2567
ersch. 08/2008 bei Microsoft Press

Written by agile-mentoring expert Jochen Krebs, this book illuminates the opportunities - and rewards - of applying agile processes to your overall IT portfolio. Whether project manager, business analyst, or executive - you´ll understand the business drivers behind agile portfolio management. And learn best practices for optimizing... Mehr lesen
€ 10,-
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