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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator`s Pocket Consultant

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator`s Pocket Consultant - Second Edition / Autor:  Stanek, William R., 978-0-7356-2586-0
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Second Edition

Updated for Service Pack 1!

Autor: Stanek (10)
von Microsoft Press
598 Seiten, Taschenbuch
ersch. 06/2008
ISBN: 978-0-7356-2586-0

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The practical, portable guide to Exchange Server 2007!
Portable and precise, this pocket-sized guide delivers ready answers for administering Exchange Server 2007 – now updated for SP1 and Windows Server 2008. Zero in on core support and maintenance tasks using quick-reference tables, instructions, and lists.

Written by award-winning author and technology expert William Stanek, this POCKET CONSULTANT puts expert advice for installation, migration, administration, and troubleshooting right at your fingertips. Featuring quick-reference tables, concise lists, and step-by-step instructions, this handy, one-stop guide provides fast, accurate answers on the spot – whether you're at your desk or in the field!

Get fast facts to:

  • Set up and manage Exchange clients, including Web and mobile access
  • Administer users, contacts, and mailboxes
  • Configure security and distribution groups, security settings, permissions, auditing
  • Manage the information store – databases, storage, public folders
  • Implement new replication and availability features
  • Configure SMTP connectors and Edge subscriptions
  • Use Windows PowerShell and Exchange Management Shell cmdlets
  • Troubleshoot and optimize processes and services
  • Perform backups and recovery

Contents of "Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator´s Pocket Consultant" at a Glance

    Part 1: Exchange Server 2007 Administration Overview
  1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administration Overview
  2. Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  3. Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Clients
  4. Managing Mobile Messaging Users

    Part 2: Exchange Server 2007 Administration Essentials
  5. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administration Essentials
  6. Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server with Exchange Management Shell
  7. User and Contact Administration
  8. Mailbox Administration
  9. Working with Distribution Groups and Address Lists
  10. Implementing Exchange Server 2007 Security

    Part 3: Server and Group Administration
  11. Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Data and Storage Groups
  12. Mailbox and Public Folder Database Administration
  13. Implementing Managed Folders and Managed Records
  14. Accessing and Managing Public Folders
  15. Managing Hub Transport and Edge Transport Servers
  16. Managing Client Access Servers

    Part 4: Exchange Server 2007 Optimization and Maintenance
  17. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Maintenance, Monitoring, and Queuing
  18. Backing Up and Restoring Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

About the Author William R. Stanek:

William R. StanekWilliam R. Stanek has over 20 years of hands-on experience with advanced programming and development. He is a leading technology expert, an award-winning author, and a pretty-darn-good instructional trainer. Over the years, his practical advice has helped millions of technical professionals all over the world. He has written more than 65 books, including Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator's Pocket Consultant, Windows Vista Administrator's Pocket Consultant, Windows Server 2008 Administrator's Pocket Consultant, and IIS 7.0 Administrator's Pocket Consultant.

William has been involved in the commercial Internet community since 1991. His core business and technology experience comes from over 11 years of military service. He has substantial experience in developing server technology, encryption, and Internet solutions. He has written many technical white papers and training courses on a wide variety of topics. He frequently serves as a subject matter expert and consultant.

William has an MS with distinction in information systems and a BS magna cum laude in computer science. He is proud to have served in the Persian Gulf War as a combat crewmember on an electronic warfare aircraft. He flew on numerous combat missions into Iraq and was awarded nine medals for his wartime service, including one of the United States of America's highest flying honors, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. Currently, he resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and children.
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