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Pierce, John
Team Collaboration
Using Microsoft Office for More Effective Teamwork

304 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-6962
ersch. 01/2013 bei Microsoft Press

Whether leading a workgroup, special project, or your own business - set the stage for more effective collaboration using Microsoft Office. This pragmatic guide shares best practices for enabling your team´s best work - while exploiting the built-in collaboration features in your favorite Office programs. Combine the power of team... Mehr lesen
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Hill, Brett
Working with Microsoft Office 365
Running Your Small Business in the Cloud

349 Seiten (Softcover)
Best.Nr. MP-5899
ersch. 06/2012 bei Microsoft Press

Take control of your small business communication and increase your productivity - with Microsoft Office 365 cloud services. Through extensive walkthroughs, easy-to-follow procedures, and real-world tips, you´ll learn how to implement Office 365 for professionals and small businesses - without having to be an IT expert. You´ll also gain... Mehr lesen
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