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Windows 7 - The Best of the Official Magazine

Windows 7 - The Best of the Official Magazine - A real-life guide to getting more done / Autor:  Official Windows Magazine, 978-0-7356-2664-5
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A real-life guide to getting more done

All in full color!

Autor: Official Windows Magazine
von Microsoft Press
213 Seiten, Softcover
ersch. 06/2010
ISBN: 978-0-7356-2664-5

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Explore the practical, fun, and creative things you can do right now with Windows 7 - with expert guidance from the editors of the only officially endorsed magazine for Windows 7. This guide comes packed with smart-and-simple tips - and vibrantly illustrated how-to's - on everything from navigating the Windows interface to taking advantage of new operating system features to fun projects for home, school, and work.

Security ... simplicity ... discovery. You can have it all with Windows 7. If you're not using your computer to its full potential, or you're concerned about convoluted procedures or letting your PC defenses down, then fear no more! Windows 7 protects and performs like no operating system before it. This book takes you on a complete tour - from personalizing your desktop to organizing your workflow or family life to creating a home movie for your loved ones to treasure. Find out how Windows 7 really can assist and improve every area of your life ...

Get Started
May we introduce you to Windows 7. Get to grips with setting things up exactly how you want them and catch a first glimpse at just some of the features that the operating system has to offer. You'll soon want to get going ...

Once you've become more familiar, you'll want to see how diverse the operating system can be. Find out more about how Windows 7 can help to organize your life and, in turn, make you more productive - and creative - whether you're using your PC in an office or home environment.

Do More
This is where the fun starts. You've got to grips with the system, now it's time to start embarking on some really useful, and entertaining, projects. Your PC is not just for work (although it can help there, too!) - it can help you to host a party, find your family history, and so much more ...

Topics include boosting your productivity with Windows Live and Windows Internet Explorer 8, thwarting hackers, organizing your photo and music collections, making movies, streaming to an Xbox 360, controlling your TV from your PC, using Windows Calendar to get organized, setting up a home network in 10 minutes, and more.
  • Provides a lively and practical overview of Windows 7 features and capabilities
  • Features real-life scenarios; dynamic, step-by-step how-to's; and time-saving productivity tips - all in full color
  • Created by the publishing team behind WINDOWS 7: THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE

About "Windows - The Official Magazine":

Windows: The Official Magazine is the only officially endorsed Windows magazine. With editions published in 13 countries and exported to another 22 it is the world's biggest Windows magazine. Offering jargon-free news, guides, reviews and real-life tests, Windows: The Official Magazine is dedicated to enabling readers to get more from their computing experience.

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